What Are Different Types Of Massage?

The word “massage therapy” includes many techniques. The most popular massage therapy in Western countries called Swedish or classic massage; It is the core of most massage training program. Other forms include sports massage, clinical massage to make a specific muscle, and the massage tradition from culture, such as Shiatsu and Tuina.

Massage therapy, with or without use of the necessary oils) have been used to relieve pain, anxiety and other symptoms in cancer. 2016 assessment of 19 studies (more than 1,200 participants) of some cancer patients (because most of the education was incompatible.

Medical Performance Instructions (Guideliness for Health Service Provides) Medical Action Care

The risk of harmful effects of massage therapy appears low. However, it has reported serious side effects such as blood clots, nerve injuries, or bone fractures. Some of the reported cases are involved in various types of massage, such as the deep tissue massage, or patients that may be risky in injury, such as aging.

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