Massage Therapy Training Programs

Massage Therapy Training Programs

If you’re considering a career in massage therapy, you’ll want to find the right massage therapy training program. Some schools offer specific training, such as the medical massage program offered by MTTI. Others, like Pacific College’s integrated massage therapy specialist program, have online programs you can take instead of attending classes in a traditional campus setting. A massage therapy certification program from SOCHi, for example, will allow you to become a board-certified practitioner after completing the program.

MTTI’s medical massage program

The MTTI medical massage program in Las Cruces is a 750-hour course that provides students with hands-on training and a wide range of knowledge. Students in the program learn Swedish massage, the benefits of wellness and nutrition, and touch for bodyworkers. Students also learn about Eastern and Western bodywork techniques, and they get the opportunity to work in a rehabilitation or health care environment. Graduates of the program are equipped with a business license, marketing materials, and resumes.

The MTTI medical massage program also focuses on teaching students about the human musculoskeletal system and how these two systems interact. The program includes a study of the human musculoskeletal system, which teaches students specific massage techniques for soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Students also learn about the potential causes of these changes and when Massage Therapy is appropriate. Students gain a thorough understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, gaining the necessary skills to treat patients with a wide range of ailments and conditions.

The MTTI program prepares graduates to practice the healing arts in health care settings, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, and wellness centers. Graduates may also work in pediatric and geriatric settings. Many graduates go on to become licensed massage therapists, and many have found a rewarding career in this field. While there are many job opportunities in the health care industry, MTTI graduates are trained to serve as massage therapists in doctor’s offices, health and wellness centers, and hospitals. They also work with pregnant women and infants and with animals as equine massage therapists. Some graduates even decide to pursue traveling massage therapy, working at resorts around the world.

The MTTI Medical Massage Program also trains students in the various styles of massage, giving them real-world experience in their profession. Students spend 4.5 months working in a massage clinic, where they apply the skills they have learned in the classroom. Students also learn about professionalism and ethics, and receive hands-on training in 19 massage modalities. In addition to these benefits, the MTTI medical massage program also emphasizes a healthy lifestyle, including eating and exercising well.

Pacific College’s integrated massage therapy specialist program

If you have a love of holistic health, the massage therapy specialist program at Pacific College may be the right choice for you. Students are taught evidence-based techniques, integrating Eastern holistic healing practices with Western clinical therapies. Aside from training in massage therapy, students in this program receive CPR certification and are required to have a massage table and pass the state exam. The program costs $506 per credit hour. Other costs include textbooks, lab fees, state exam fees, and a massage table.

The integrated massage therapy specialist program at Pacific College of Health and Science includes theory as well as hands-on training. Students complete an Associate of Occupational Studies in Massage Therapies at the end of their program. During clinical rotations, students work under experienced massage therapists and attend events focusing on the holistic health of the community. There are also optional elective courses like pediatric massage, sports massage, and reflexology. Students will also be familiar with Chinese, Indian, and Western bodywork techniques.

After graduation, students can practice their profession in a variety of settings, including private practices, health clubs, rehabilitation centers, and multidisciplinary clinics. In many states, a massage therapy specialist must have a formal education to practice. If you decide to work for yourself, there are flexible schedules to accommodate your busy schedule. You can attend evening classes or Saturday programs. There is a full-time and part-time option available.

Holly Ledbetter is a New York State licensed massage therapist, reiki practitioner, and yoga teacher. She studied at Pacific College of Health and Sciences and completed her internship at Womankind. She is passionate about nurturing relationships. She is a mother of a two-year-old girl, enjoys baking, and helps out stray animals. During her free time, she stays active and is an avid surfer.

Besides a degree in massage therapy, students in this program should be capable of communicating with clients, adhering to OSHA guidelines, performing soft tissue manipulation, and identifying the major muscles in the body. Graduates will be able to sit for the New York State Licensing Examination for massage therapists. The program is designed for students who want to work as therapists or in a spa setting.

Northwest Academy’s hybrid massage therapy program

The cost of SOCHi’s hybrid massage therapy program is $16,165. This price includes a licensed instructor, pre-recorded material, and hands-on training with a licensed massage therapist. Because the program is primarily online, it is not fully distance learning, but it is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET). This program prepares you for the California Massage Therapy Council certification exam.

To attend the Whatcom Community College massage therapy program, students must complete at least 20 live training sessions each week. Depending on which program you choose, you may have to attend two or three classes in person. In addition, you may need to meet certain educational requirements, so be sure to check these before signing up. The program begins in the fall and lasts for three quarters, so you will have the opportunity to complete your education in less than a year.

MBLEx and MT-B.Com are the most widely-accepted certification exams for massage therapists. You can study either one or a combination of the two to ensure success. The MBLEx is a comprehensive test that requires students to have extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology. A massage therapist must take this exam to be licensed in the United States. This certification is recognized by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB).

While it may seem challenging to find a fully online massage therapy program, Northwest Academy’s hybrid program offers both options. The hybrid massage therapy program combines classroom and hands-on learning, with a blended approach. Students can choose to take courses in the order that best suits their schedule. The small class sizes and research-based curriculum are key elements in the massage therapy program. In addition to hands-on learning, Northwest Academy’s hybrid massage therapy program teaches students how to manage their own practice, conduct research, and learn how to become a professional. In addition, students also learn about business management, time management, and CPR certification.

SOCHi’s online massage therapy program

SOCHi’s online massage therapy program combines the benefits of traditional classroom-based courses with hands-on training. The program lasts 9 months and combines online instruction with hands-on experience to ensure students graduate with the knowledge and skill they need to practice massage therapy successfully. The program also provides students with a licensed massage therapist instructor who supervises the hands-on time. The program costs $16,165.

The course covers anatomy, kinesiology, pathology, and musculoskeletal applications. Students will also learn how to perform basic massage techniques, as well as business principles. SOCHi’s online massage therapy program offers a flexible schedule, as well as a variety of learning materials, including two eBooks, videos, and live online group sessions. Students can ask questions and receive feedback from instructors throughout the program, and instructors are always available to answer any concerns or questions.

Students who complete SOCHi’s online massage therapy program will be prepared for the MBLEx, or the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination. They will be eligible to take REGIONAL/STATE examinations as well. SOCHi’s online massage therapy program comprises of three modules. The course focuses on the history of bodywork, anatomical terms, organ systems, and Swedish massage techniques.

In addition to online lectures, Alpha Anywhere is an excellent choice for hands-on training. Students can complete their coursework from their homes and watch lectures whenever they choose. Additionally, they can participate in live hands-on workshops and demonstrations at the Alpha campus in Jacksonville. And because they can choose which course suits their schedule, Alpha Anywhere is a great option for working professionals. The program provides the necessary support to ensure students are successful.

The course also prepares students for the national certification examination in massage therapy. The program costs $7,500 and is completed over 15 weeks. It requires 600 hours of clinical practice and a $150 online access fee. Students who complete SOCHi’s online massage therapy program can expect to complete it in a reasonable amount of time. The program is also affordable, so it may be worth pursuing. You’ll be well-prepared to enter the massage profession after completion of SOCHi’s online program.